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Employee transportation

We provide vans and minibuses with driver, to transport staff, we transform the comfort, safety and well being of its employees productivity, reducing the stress of day to day, making the path of return to the company with comfort and safety in new and comfortable vehicles, with TV and DVD, significantly improving the bond and loyalty to the company, and reducing the "turn-over".

♦ Aluguel de Carros Executivos ♦ Aluguel de vans ♦ Aluguel de vans executivas ♦ Locação de carros executivos ♦ Fretamento de vans 

♦ Locadora de veículos em SP ♦ Vans para alugar ♦ Vans com tv de led e dvd ♦ Van com motorista bilíngue ♦  Locação de van em SP

♦ Aluguel de van ♦ Locação de vans ♦ Aluguel de vans para traslados ♦ Fretamento de vans e micro - ônibus SP ♦ Fretamento de vans   

♦ Locadora de vans com motorista em São Paulo  ♦ Vans e micro - ônibus para eventos  ♦ Van com motorista para traslados  ♦ Traslados de vans

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