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Van 24 horas aluguel de vans is not just a car rental agency, in addition to vans rental, buses and minibuses, our services include receptionists at Congonhas and Guarulhos and event monitors in and out of hotels, conferences and fairs, targeting your audience for hired vehicles, with courtesy and professionalism.
Since its founding, the Van 24 horas is predestined to serve large events, serve large teams of Formula 1, major congresses and fairs, World Cup, Olympic Games and soccer games in the arena Corinthians and Alianz park and also at stadium Morumbi, and vans rent for large concerts and festivals, renting a vehicle with us you will have 19 years of experience serving satisfied people.

♦ Aluguel de Carros Executivos ♦ Aluguel de vans ♦ Aluguel de vans executivas ♦ Locação de carros executivos ♦ Fretamento de vans ♦ Locação de vans  

♦ Locadora de veículos em SP ♦ Vans para alugar ♦ Vans com tv de led e dvd ♦ Van com motorista bilíngue ♦ Vans para eventos ♦ Locação de van em SP

♦ Aluguel de van ♦ Locação de vans ♦ Aluguel de vans para traslados ♦ Fretamento de vans e micro - ônibus SP ♦ Fretamento de vans e Ônibus em SP  

♦ Locadora de vans com motorista em São Paulo  ♦ Vans e micro - ônibus para eventos  ♦ Van com motorista para traslados  ♦ Traslados de vans em SP



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